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Interfere when Activiti persists variables map in async. Process

Question asked by frauke on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on May 6, 2013 by jbarrez
Hello everybody,

is it possible to interfere at the moment when Activiti persists data before returning from a transaction in an asynchronus process?

What I like to do is to pass some session related variables (like the user name) to the process. So that these variables are accessible AFTER the jobExecutor has aquired the next task.

See 2nd image in chapter "Transactions and Concurrency: Asynchronous Continuations" of the Activiti User Guide:
I mean to interfere at the point of the 2nd red dotted line in the image. Here I would like to add some data to the variables map BEFORE it is persisted.

Is something like that possible?

The other side we already have:
We have overwritten the JobManager so that the additional data can be passed to the process when the JobExecuter resumes the asynchronous task.

I hope, someone understands what I am talking about, my English is not that great!

Thanks for your help…