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Vote Gateway?

Question asked by pprikryl on May 6, 2013
Latest reply on May 14, 2013 by jbarrez
Hello guys.
I'm sorry for silly question, but I'm newbie in BPM. I'm trying to design these 2 Use cases by Activity:
1) OR Gateway
   I have for example new Order this order has to be approved or declined be "Sale manager", "CEO" or "Cook". The first person, which will finish its task steps branch (forked) as first and then press OK/KO will decide if we should go to the left or to the right in diagram. Is it possible to do that in activiti (users have no common role)?

         ->Sale Manager -> check something -> vote Y/N         |       —decided no ->
order    ->CEO -> check something other -> other -> vote Y/N   |  —>
         ->Cook -> salt soup -> vote Y/N                       |       —decided yes ->

2) Vote Gateway   
   The same problem. But at least XY% of users has to say Yes/No. Is it possible to design this behavior?

Or is it possible to design this use casse by another opensource BPM?
Thank you