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Manage tasks with status

Question asked by flostudent on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by chandraprabha

For a student project, we have to use a workflow engine. We have tasks to be validated by a system and I chose the Activiti Engine to create workflows.
These tasks are performed one after the other and have three different statuses:
Pending, In progress and Complete

The number of tasks is not fixed that's why I create dynamic process that looks like this :
start -> task1 -> task2 -> task3 -> task4 -> end
start -> task1 -> task2 -> end

When i receive the information from the system that a task is started I want to mark it as "In progress" in the workflow. When it is completed, I want to make it as complete.

I can create a process,  tasks, complete them but I don't know how to handle the job status, and be able to get it ?

How can I do ? Does activiti manage it ?