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Prefilled Call Activity to the Eclipse Palette

Question asked by ybrukau on May 17, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by aleeex87

I am wondering is it possible to create kind of "custom" call activity element with pre filled attributes like, for example, "Called element" or input parameters and add it to the palette.

I tried only one way: create CustomServiceTask, implement ActivityBehaviour interface and try to start subprocess basically how it is implemented in But as it pointed in user guide it is not good way to do it because it means digging into engine internals. And still it did not work (I explored some strange exceptions, probably I did something wrong).

So the questions are: Is it possible to extend palette with such "custom" CallActivity. Is there a way to do it correctly not like I did it or I am going in the right direction and just need to resolve my current issues (but I am almost sure that this is wrong way)?
Or probably you have any other idea how to do it?