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Activiti on Karaf + Camel

Question asked by cmoulliard on May 18, 2013
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by cmoulliard

Based on the example of Activiti In Action, I have deployed succesfully Activiti (engine, process, task, commands) on Apache Karaf and that works fine.

Questions :

- How can I OSGI extend the example to use activiti-camel deployed on karaf too ? I think that a simple camel route should be enough like
from("timer://activiti").log("").("activiti:????").log("display result of BPMN process called : ${body}");
What do I need to put instead of ???? to call the process running as a bundle
- Is it possible to deploy the modeler/explorer as a war on karaf ? Where can I find such a war ?