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Problem with intermediate catch event and retries

Question asked by fwachs on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 27, 2013 by mmaker1234
I have a very simple problem and I'm not sure why it's happening at all.
Maybe anyone can enlighten me somehow :)

This is what's going on:

- I'm running activiti 5.11
- I have configured Activiti to run with 1 retry only and changed  JobExecutor.lockTimeInMillis to 5 hours
- I have a process that makes a "call activity" to another process that as soon as it begins it has a timer for one minute:
- I'm running on mysql

    <intermediateCatchEvent id="timerintermediatecatchevent3" name="TimerCatchEvent">

When this sub process gets started it takes a really really long time to execute the rest of the process, way longer than the minute I have configured on the bpmn file.

Here's an example of how it looks like on my DB:

6262467   EnvioSMSpreguntanueva:18:6013770   6262463   6262465   timerintermediatecatchevent3   NULL   NULL   TimerCatchEvent   intermediateTimer   NULL   2013-05-11 20:58:17   2013-05-12 16:59:17   72060320

Also, for some reason the entire process ( and the subprocess) are being retried until the process ends sucessfully, this has led to many problems, since the process is only meant to be ran once because of tasks it runs. Is there a way to revoke any kind of retrial for good?