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Support for the extension Elements of the BPMN2.0 Spec in all Tasks

Question asked by bjoernrellesch on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by trademak

we want to use Activiti for modeling our processes based on a standard. But we have our own WFMS with proprietary properties.
So I implemented the custom service task mentioned in the documententon. Everything works fine.

But I loose all the configuration Items for the different standard-tasks, e. g. a ServiceTask where I can select an implementention from my Eclipse Workspace.
Is it possible to extend the Standard-Tasks by extension elements of the BPMN2.0-Standard?

In a ServiceTask it is possible by using "Fields" in the main config. Here is the Problem, that I want to use constants for our proprietary Properties (e. g. <Constant for Property> <String Value | Bool | Int |…>).

At this moment I can only use the custom service task for all types of tasks to fit our requirements to be able to configure our proprietary properties. But I lose the ability to use the suitable BPMN2.0-standard-task. Any suggestions?

Greets Björn