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Activiti 5.12.1 - Unknown property used in expression:ldapService

Question asked by minalghorpade on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 18, 2013 by pratikbhatt
Hi  ,
  I am new to Activiti . I am using ACTIVITI 5.12.1  n follwoing userguide for each n evrything.
Now I am Facing problem in activiti n spring integration . I am trying simple user task with assignee .For this I am refering userguide.

<userTask id="task" name="My Task" activiti:assignee="${ldapService.findManagerForEmployee(emp)}"/>

I am getting this error :-

ActivitiException: Unknown property used in expression:${ldapService.findManagerForEmployee(employeeName)}

where as I have already define ldapService bean in activiti-standalone-context.xml file of activiti-explorer .

Please assist me on how to get over this.