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Everything is Reverted on Error!!!

Question asked by flexicoder on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by trademak

Consider the following sequential process:
1- start
2- user task: user confirmation
3- service task: transferring 1000$ to another bank account
4- service/script task: send an email to the user (bugus)
5- user task: user notification
6- finish

Assume that there is a small bug in the task of step 4 (sending email).
Now, when the user clicks the "confirm" button in step 2, the activiti engine performs the step 3 and transfers the 1000$, then it tries to run the step 4 and fails.
The bad thing is that the activiti engine reverts its internal state to step 2, but the money is gone!!!
How can we prevent the activiti engine from going back?
Or, is there a work-around by modifying the bpmn process with some kind of error handling?