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Activiti as scheduler / process manager. Advice please

Question asked by rguillemette on May 17, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by piyush.kaizen
Hello everyone,

I'm currently evaluating activiti for one of my project.

I have thousands of job I need to periodically start and schedule (daily, hourly, monthly, quartely, etc). <!–break–>
To launch these jobs, I need to call external web services, REST API or insert a new row in a database.
I need to support simple flow or job dependency : job1 <== job2 <== job3

An simple example would look like :

START => call WS 1 => wait status WS 1 => On completed => call WS 2 => wait status Web Service 2 => END
                                                          => On Error: send notification

So what I'm searching is a kind of master coordinator able to schedule these job flows and provide notifications when they fail.
I need to quickly be able to implement news WS/rest api client (extending some kind of abstract class?).
A basic feature to monitor which job is running, which job has failed and which job has completed sucessfully is also needed.

The coordinator does not need to manage any data. Its sole role is to call "external workers" and get their status.
I don't need to queue or give any task to any user. All users will be admin able to add and schedule new job flow.

So, my question is:
Is activiti a good choice for this kind of usage ?

Thank you very much for your help.