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Can Activiti-cdi map dynamic data components to process variables without having a managed bean

Question asked by chimu on May 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by frederikheremans1

We have a workflow UI in which data elements can be added dynamicaly, for eg user can give different ranges for a threshold
lets say ,  Target < 100 is good, Target > 150 is bad , target >= 300 is very bad. User has the choice to either give only 1 range
or he can also give upto 10 ranges. User is shown a Add button to add a range and that gives him a data panel dynamically to add it.
In that data panel he selects the Operator (<, >, <=, >=,=) and then he enters a value, and then he selects the range type(good, bad, excellent etc) from drop down. Can we model this screen with Activiti-Cdi such that the screen elements are directly set as process variables using  @BusinessProcessScoped bean without the need of intermediate Managed bean. In that case how will these dynamic ranges get mapped to the bean. We want these ranges to get set as a ArrayList of beans, and the arrayList itself is a field of the BusinessProcessScoped bean. Also before starting the BPM process we need to validate these data element and throw messages to the user in case he inputs some overlapping ranges. Will this be possible without using a regular Managed bean ??