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Async-Job-Problem: No date for job execution

Question asked by martinbauer on May 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2013 by martinbauer
Hi folks,

i have a very (example/simple) process:

START —->  ServiceTask(Java) —-> END

I start this process and everything is fine as long as the "async" is set to false for ServiceTask. But i do not
want that the caller has to wait - so i switched the ServiceTask to async=true. And now the trouble comes to me…

The caller initate the process - and gets back the control. fine
Accoding to the ActivitiExplorer the processintance is started. fine
According to the  ActivitiExplorer the process is in the ServiceTask. (red border in the task picture). fine
According to the ActivitiExplorer the 'job' is susspended - because there is no execution date.  !! WTF !!

After reading the docs i do not understand why this happens….

Any Ideas?

Regards,  Martin