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BPMN2 Import Probleme

Question asked by non on May 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by jbarrez

Got problems importing existing BPMN2 files:
E.g. I created a very simple flow in Signavio's online modeller and there seems to be no way to open/import it in activiti-explorer. Lastly I compared the XML with the XML of an importable BPMN2 file and noticed a difference for the "isExecutable" attribute. After setting this to true, suddenly importing is possible!

Now I imported a more complex XPDL file in Signavio to export it as BPMN2 again. This time setting isExecutable seems to be not enough: No way to get it imported by activiti. activiti-designer (eclipse) shows just a white screen - no error.

* I would suggest better error messages: E.g. setting isExecutable is no problem, but you have to know about it!
* What is exactly expected by activiti-explorer BPMN2 import? Proprietary extensions?
* We plan a one-time migration from bizagi modeller to activiti. The only way I could find: bizagi XPDL2 export, signavio XPDL2 Import, signavio BPMN2 Export, activiti Import. Is there a problem with this approach? Do you know a better way? Could you image a batch approach?
* (Note: yaoqiang is able to open all these files from above!)