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Usage of more than one Activiti Engines on one database

Question asked by wegalt on May 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2013 by wegalt
I want to use the Activiti Explorer, the Activiti-Rest web app and an Activiti-engine embedded in a native application on the same database (activiti 5.11). It should e.g. possible to start a BPM process within a native java application via the activiti engine itself (embedded activiti engine), fill in some user data of a usertask with the activiti-explorer and a third application, which has no access to the Activiti-database, uses the Activiti-Rest application, also deployed as an own web app on its own webserver, to send a message to a ReceiveTask of that proccess.
It is mentioned in the book Activit in Action section 8.1.2, that Activiti is designed to run multiple Activiti engines on the same database (there are running two Activiti Engines in one tomcat server). 
Do I understand the documentation correctly that everything should work because of the activiti job executor and the database row locks?

If this would work, what happens if a process which waits for example for a user-request and a receive-task (because of a parallel gateway) and both of the requests are completed by different applications at same time? The user-request gets an answer from the Activiti Explorer and the Receive task is answered by an incoming rest-call or maybe by an embedded Activiti Engine via an Activiti-Api call?

What kind of problems do I have to be preparing for, also? One thing I know is that I have to deploy the necessary JARs to all the applications.