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Navigate to previous task in the workflow

Question asked by sai576 on Jun 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by trademak
Navigate to previous task in the workflow is possible depends on the UI level interaction.

Actually my requirement is suppose user want to create account there some sections (Registration forms)fill up.For that i created user tasks for each section.Suppose he is not completed all forms.So next time he want to complete, I want to call same section from where he stopped.
Suppose in the UI  navigate to back option is there while filling forms.So click on back it goes to previous registration section then in the workflow also i want to navigate to the previous task from current task in workflow(diagram).Is it possible?

task 1==>   task 2==>  task 3==>  task 4
(section 1)   (section 2)  (section 3)    (section 4)

Suppose user now currently on section 3 in the UI means, task 3 in flow,now user click on back in the UI level it goes to section 2 here i want in the workflow also navigate to task  2.Is there is any possibility.I am not getting any idea on this. Anyone have idea on these could you please tell me.