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Strange Behaviour of Rest API

Question asked by tulipneo on Jun 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by trademak
Hi List,
I have been struggling for couple of days to get it up n running.seems there is no luck.
I m evaluating Activiti Rest API through Chrome Advance rest Client.
some rest calls really go fine where some fails.

Lets say i call http://localhost:9999/activiti-rest/service/process-instance/1608
I get correct Result which is as bellow:

processInstanceId: "1608"
businessKey: null
processDefinitionId: "vacationRequest:1:36"
startTime: "2013-06-07T16:18:58IST"
startActivityId: "request"
startUserId: "kermit"
completed: false
tasks: [1]
0:  {
taskId: "1619"
taskDefinitionKey: "handleRequest"
taskName: "Handle vacation request"
description: "kermit would like to take 4 day(s) of vacation (Motivation: sad test)."
owner: null
assignee: null
startTime: "2013-06-07T16:18:58IST"
dueDate: null
completed: false
activities: [2]
0:  {
activityId: "request"
activityName: null
activityType: "startEvent"
startTime: "2013-06-07T16:18:58IST"
completed: true
endTime: "2013-06-07T16:18:58IST"
duration: 0
1:  {
activityId: "handleRequest"
activityName: "Handle vacation request"
activityType: "userTask"
startTime: "2013-06-07T16:18:58IST"
completed: false
variables: [4]
0:  {
variableName: "startDate"
variableValue: "Fri Jun 14 04:18:00 IST 2013"
1:  {
variableName: "vacationMotivation"
variableValue: "sad test"
2:  {
variableName: "numberOfDays"
variableValue: 4
3:  {
variableName: "employeeName"
variableValue: "kermit"

Now i try to call http://localhost:9999/activiti-rest/service/process-instance/1608/tasks

I get 400 Bad Request.

According to user guide i shd get  list of open tasks for a running process instance.

Any pointer would be of great Help.