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Parallel branches (or even multi-instances) and collision of variables.

Question asked by esseti on Jun 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2013 by esseti
Hi all.
i'm developing some new task in java, and right now i'm stuck with a problem.
basically,i've a java task that makes a call, and after this a receiver that receives (as a message) the result of the call.
Basically i call the
api passing also a parameter called
this variable is automatically stored into the process variables and other tasks can access it.
If the process is a sequence of task this works perfectly.
like in this case

but, what if i've a two (or more) parallel branch?
like this?


the first both receives results, so one overwrites the other one. right?

is it the same in the multiple-instnace case?

if i implement my Java Task, is there any way to know if it's the only one branch running or if it is in parallel with other branches?