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Reduce a process by usergroups

Question asked by fellowtom on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2013 by jbarrez
Hello Activiti Developers,

since this is my first request at all, i hope it fits the correct forum. I'm pretty new with BPM in general and Activiti. But your engine seems very powerful and I'm interested in working with Activiti for my studies. The last days i started working with this engine and feel just like scratching the surface. Setting up some simple processes is possible for me (simple tasks + gateways). But I have two major questions, wich i couldnt answer during researches, maybe due to a lack of missunderstanding the topic or limits of BPM.

1. If a user has to fill in a formular at the beginning of a process, where at this time only 2 inputs are necessary(2 of 5 or so), how to let him fill out the rest of the formular at a later time. Or with other words, if he makes a mistake in Spelling or something like that. Can this be undone? I thought if a process is done, its done or? So the user wont come back to this formular when he wants, like in a programm with a button. Can this only be resolved by changing the values in the database itself.

2. When I have a 'longer' process, as example task A - task F, can the process be fitted/changed to special usergroups. If usergroup1 is logging in, then the process consists of task A - task F, but if a group2 logs in, then they should handle task A - B and E-F. So tasks C and D dont belong to them. The Process directly leads from B to E. I think programmatically this can be resolved with an XOR easily, but how to change the view of the process Diagramm. Because usergroup2 should not be allowed to see, that a Task C and D exist. To cut the chase: An "Overprocess" needs to be adapted in some tasks.

I hope i could explain what i want. If not, I'm sorry.

With kind regards,