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How to get the call hierarchy for an Execution

Question asked by guillaume1 on Jun 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2013 by guillaume1

For learning, debug and test purpose I have created a new ExecutionListener that is attached to all activities of a given process.

This ExecutionListener is triggered by the 'start' event and it is charged to display the current process and activity to the console.
If the executed activity is in a process spawned by a Call Activity process I want to display the parent process, and any grand parent in the execution path.

So a typical traces log should look like:


For that I'm using the Execution superExecution property, and I have some issues:
- Is there a good tutorial/documentation about the engine itself (the user manual is a bit dry on this topic
- The api doesn't allow me to get the superExecution directly. I found this property while debugging. How should I get all these info
- For some reason my way to querying the execution hierarchy is stopped after the first parent is retrieved:
       if I have A calls B calls C , then inside C I can't find that B's parent is A.

   How should I retrieve the complete execution path ?