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Exception when multiple activiti engines up and running

Question asked by ganeshr on Jun 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2013 by ganeshr

  I'm facing an issue when one of  my process contains timer boundary events. Here is the description of my issue.
  I have 3 different standalone applications and 3 business processes, and in each of these applications activiti engine is up and running connecting to the same database.  These application runs as a services, so each of these services listens to the incoming request and initiates the business process specific to that service. As I have created timer boundary event for one of my business process, so whenever timer boundary event is fired, the activiti engine running in the application for this specific business process is not executing this time event, instead sometimes another activiti engine running in different application is executing and throwing exception as it is unable to find the classes in the classpath.  Is there anyway where we can configure activiti engine to execute events related to that specific business process?