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Dynamically add an instance to Multi-instance

Question asked by cgarci on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by martin.grofcik

I am new to activiti so please excuse me if what I am asking is to basic but I could find any proper answer for it in the forum. Thanks!


I have to implement a workflow to review different files/attachments that a PM uploads to a repository.
This revision process for each of those files will consist in 5 different steps. (subprocess)
The file revisions are independent.
While there are still some files left to be reviewed, the PM can upload new files.
When a new file is uploaded, a new revision process for that file must be started … and joined to the N previously uploaded files with an on-going revision.
Once all the files are marked as review, the process is finished.


Start revision (human activity) -> Review files (n independent sub-processes) -> Close revision (human activity/service call, whatever)

… but the number of files (n) might evolve during the review process (it is not known in advance).

What does activiti offer?

I have read this on the documentation about Multi-instances:

"The number of instances are calculated once, when entering the activity"

So if this is true, my hands are laced, aren't they?


Is there are way to dynamically add a new "instance" to a currently "started" multi-instance activity?

If so, could you please explain me how?

Thanks a lot in advance,