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REST returns wrong ids for process instances

Question asked by kaihuener on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2013 by frederikheremans1
Hey – first of all: The new REST API is really great!! Thank you so much, also for having LDAP now maintained in the core code.
Maybe I misunderstood the REST architecture in general, but I am wondering about some responses …
I want to
- create a new process instance ( host/service/runtime/process-instances )
- get the process instance id from the response json (id in the response, say pid)
- get a user task of the new process instance ( host/service/runtime/tasks?assignee="+me+"&processInstanceId="+pid )
but the response is empty.
When I look at the tasks via host/service/tasks?assignee="+me, I see a new task for each new process instance I create. But the processInstanceId from these tasks is totally different from the previous response (pid).

Am I really the first one having this problem, or is something wrong with my approach? Just again to clarify what I want to do: Just start a process and get the first open task form the instance :)

Would be great to get some hints from you guys,