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JobExecutor deadlocks on MSSQL

Question asked by andreasa on Jun 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by andreasa
Windows platform, Tomcat 7, MSSQL 2008/2012, Activiti 5.12

On our production system we cannot start our application when there are several (~10+) jobs in ACT_RU_JOB that has a DUEDATE_ that has passed. The application/activiti starts puts a lock on 15 rows, starts polling the jobs and then stalls after a while. Never continues, doesn't poll anymore (logging level is set to ALL). If I deactivate the jobexecutor the application starts just fine.

I have recreated the scenario in a unittest on my dev machine. A process with an intermediate timer that triggers every 24h that calls a servicetask that does nothing but a log-statement.

Then I start 30 instances of this process from a unit-test. Then I set the DUEDATE_ -1 day and start my application which then starts triggering the jobs that are now active. I get a bunch of deadlock-messages from the jbdc-driver when Activiti tries to delete an execution or even do a select. See attached stacktrace.txt

Same thing happens if I set the DUEDATE_ back while the application is running.
I assume something similar is happening on the production system although the symptoms are not entirely the same.

If I do the same thing on Oracle, everything executes just fine.
I think this has to do with MSSQL's transaction system which afaik is more strict that Oracle. If you first write inside a transaction, and then reads the same row in that transaction, the server assumes this is a dirty read and throws a deadlock exception.

I am aware of this thread, but it doesn't really offer any solutions.