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Need API method call for following services in Activiti

Question asked by viswa317 on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2013 by jbarrez
1, get all task assigned to a user

// its working.
 List<Task> tasks = taskService.createTaskQuery().taskAssignee(userId).list() 

2, get all task assigned to groups

//its task list empty, its not working
 List<Task> tasks =  taskService.createTaskQuery().taskCandidateGroupIn(roles).list() 

3, clam a task

//its working

4, revoke a task

// i don't know this is the right way

5, start process instance

//its working
 ProcessInstance processInstance = runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey(pdId, variables); 

6, complete a task

//its working

7, get from properties for a task

// its not working.. its returning like [org.activiti.engine.impl.form.FormPropertyImpl@233e6b10, org.activiti.engine.impl.form.FormPropertyImpl@56e6f983]

 List<FormProperty> formList = formService.getTaskFormData(taskId).getFormProperties(); 

I want to make sure that i am doing in right way.. please correct if i am wrong