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Attaching a timer event to a usertask

Question asked by vigneshr on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2013 by frederikheremans1
reposting as code snippet was not displayed in previous post

I am trying to create a user task which should be visible in the user queue but should automatically move to the next task in the workflow if the timer expires. Below is the code snippet for the same:

<userTask id="testTask" name="Test Task" activiti:candidateGroups="abc"><br />
        <extensionElements><br />
          <activiti:formProperty id="domainEntity" variable="domainEntity" required="true" rel="nofollow"></activiti:formProperty><br />
        </extensionElements><br />
<boundaryEvent id="letterTimer" cancelActivity="true" attachedToRef="testTask"> <br />
     <timerEventDefinition> <br />
        <timeDuration>PT1M</timeDuration> <br />
   </timerEventDefinition> <br />

I am able to see the task in the candidate group but it doesn't move on to the next task automatically after 1 minute.
Even if I submit the task manually, I get the exception "this activity doesn't accept signals"
Please help in identifying the issue.