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How to get name of FormProperty from HistoryService?

Question asked by naitog on Jul 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2013 by jbarrez

I need name of formProperty but HistoryService  appears to has only id.

XML bpmn e.g.:

<activiti:formProperty id="numberOfDays" name="Number of days" type="long" required="true" />

Java e.g. (History level is set to audit):

List<HistoricDetail> list = historyService.createHistoricDetailQuery()

Each element of list is HistoricFormPropertyEntity type. HistoricFormPropertyEntity.getName() give me "numberOfDays" instead of "Number of days". I also try to get name from HistoryService.createHistoricVariableInstanceQuery() but there are also only ids.

Is it bug or there is other way to get this data ?

Thanks for replys.