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Multiple versions of - Workflows & realted Custom Jars(in Explorer )

Question asked by rangoo on Jul 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by rangoo
Couple of scenarios, let me know your inputs/recommendations for both the scenarios:

1) We have a scenario where we would end with up with Process Instances of different versions of a particular Workflow and our front end client(for human tasks) will have to account for all the versions. We think Client can differentiate between tasks of diff versions by  processDefinitionId (which by default is the     

2) We also plan to kick off different versions of a particular workflow (instead of just the latest version) by  

   Hope this is fine. If yes, this gets tricky as we have custom java classes for JavaService tasks and these custom classes change for each version of WorkFlow.  Looks like we need to deploy multiple activiti-explorers (on the same JVM), each having custom class files in its Lib folder for each workflow version ?