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User task with form property having default value is not settting

Question asked by ganeshr on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2013 by ganeshr

  I have created user task with one of the form property defined with default value, but this value is not setting for user task.

<userTask id="HumanTask" name="HumanTask" activiti:candidateGroups="User">
   <activiti:formProperty id="State" name="CurrentState" type="string" expression="${CurrentState}" default="ACTIVE">  </activiti:formProperty>
  <activiti:taskListener event="all" expression="#{customTaskListner.notify(task)}"></activiti:taskListener>
</userTask >

But when I use the following print statement in user task listener , the value is getting as null

   system.out.println( delegateTask.getVariableLocal("CurrentState"));

  is it not possible to set the user task form property with default value, so that local variable is created automatically for the user task?