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Problem in understanding execution order of tasks

Question asked by fellowtom on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by trademak
Hi all,

I'm trying to embedd the activiti engine in our own project (activiti 5.13). This works well so far. But I'm having some 'missunderstoodment' in which order the tasks are executed. So in my java-code I define how the usertask is handled and then completed.
My process has a timer-event, too. The problem is, that the java-code is executed and the usertask is completed, although this should just happen after the timer is triggered. What do I have to change to let the user tasks wait untill my timer fired? Of cause I could solve it in having a variable which looks if timer-event was done, but that's not the aim (because its a logical sequence flow), isnt it?

Process:  Start->Timer->UserTask->End

Actually I get all user-output and then the timer ticks.
The code is like the 10-Minute-Tutorial. No changes to user task handling.
I'm glad for every hint that helps sovling my problem.

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