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Activiti in different schema

Question asked by jatz on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by jatz
We have ACT tables in a seperate schame called ACTI (5.11).

When I run the below query:


it fails with the exception saying table not found. The query run is as below:

select * from ( select a.*, ROWNUM rnum from (    
select RES.*            from ACTI.ACT_HI_PROCINST RES             inner join ACT_RE_PROCDEF DEF on RES.PROC_DEF_ID_ = DEF.ID_                    
         order by RES.ID_ asc        ) a where ROWNUM < 1) where rnum  >= 1

It looks like ACTI is not appended to the Inner join. In the config I have event set config.setDatabaseTablePrefix("ACTI.");

Is this a bug?