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Process freezes after ReceiveTask

Question asked by aleksej_domash on Aug 6, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by aleksej_domash
We created our process with receive task that waits for a signal.

Task1 - > Task2 -> Receive Task 3 -> Task4

Signal is generated in Camel Context. Event for signal generating we get from amq queue with JMS-transaction. In one moment we got the message from amq and restarted our Fuse Server Instance. Signal was generated but transaction was rollbacked and after instance restarting we had the message again.

So in Act_Hi_Actinst we have:
Task010   serviceTask   06.08.2013 12:13:22,282000   06.08.2013 12:13:22,306000   24
Task020   receiveTask   06.08.2013 12:13:22,307000   06.08.2013 12:13:34,149000   11842
exclusivegateway1   exclusiveGateway   06.08.2013 12:13:34,149000   06.08.2013 12:13:34,149000   0
Task020   receiveTask   06.08.2013 12:13:34,656000      <<<< this task doesn't have END_TIME

But in Act_Ru_Execution we have another act_id_ :
TaskDPOP030   1   7

And this process stuck in that state. It doesn't have any jobs in act_ru_job. How can we deal with it ?