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Custom Classes in Classpath of calling App or Explorer?

Question asked by rangoo on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2013 by rangoo
We have an Application(Message Driven Bean) kicking off our workflows.  Since our workflows have Java tasks , we made sure all the custom classes are in classpath, by putting our custom jars  in activiti-explorer Lib. Obviously Explorer and our Application make use of the same Datasource.  Couple of things

1) When our App started kicking off workflows, It started throwing Exception : Coudn't instantiate Custom TaskListener classes, even though the classes are in classpath of the explorer.  We placed the custom classes inside our App and things are working fine.  so should we have custom classes in classpath of the calling App and Explorer?

2) Also looks like WorkFlow calling class(in our Application) thread seems to be live till the entire WorkFlow (instance) is complete and so any exceptions thrown in the WorkFlow are thrown back to the calling Class. Is this correct?

Let me know your inputs.