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Scalability - startup time on heavy load

Question asked by user_5842 on Aug 6, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by trademak
We are looking into integrating Activiti Engine (5.13) in our web app for a particular workflow processes primarily composed of user tasks
One of our requirements is to support multiple thousands e.g. 8K (actual # is likely higher) users doing simultaneous starts.  Completion is user speed dependent but will likely be spiky.  e.g. 5K users completing at  N min afters start, 2K users completing at N+X min after start and so on.

We are initially looking about somewhere around 10 Tomcat instances configured at about 300 threads each (very rough estimations at this point based on our budgets, capacity, hardware etc.), each server running an Activiti instance and trying to estimate what the startup time would be for a process instance so that we can serve up that load as fast as possible w/out server busy messages to the users.   The startup time of all users needs to be within 5 min of each other.

We really would like to use Activiti because it gets us a whole lot of facilities at the end part of the process that I rather not do manually
(Yes, I could separate out this one step of the process and upon completion trigger Activiti engine but that kinda defeats the purpose)
So any feedback, comments are appreciated towards estimating Activiti scalability at startup.  For the database we currently use PostgreSQL.