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why  can't find  'org.activiti.engine.impl.util.LogUtil' in 5.13

Question asked by ozhuang on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by jbarrez
hello ,
i'm reading  <activiti in action> now,
the book source base on activiti 5.9,
i try to update the code to activiti 5.13,

but the source don't work,
some errors,eg:
org.activiti.engine.impl.util.LogUtil can't be find in activiti 5.13.

some code following,how to change to base on   activiti 5.13?
import java.util.logging.Handler;
import java.util.logging.LogManager;
import java.util.logging.Logger;

import org.activiti.engine.impl.util.LogUtil;
import org.junit.BeforeClass;
import org.slf4j.bridge.SLF4JBridgeHandler;

public abstract class AbstractTest {
   public static void routeLoggingToSlf4j() {
      Logger rootLogger = LogManager.getLogManager().getLogger(""); 
      Handler[] handlers = rootLogger.getHandlers(); 
      for (int i = 0; i < handlers.length; i++) { 

by the way .where can i view the activiti  version  update history