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Activiti Job Executor EE available (Apache License 2.0)

Question asked by catandgrep on Aug 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2014 by mahavirj
Dear Activity Community,

We (agito) would like to share our Job Executor for EE environments with you, that we've implemented some time ago for the EE distributions of our product agito BPMO. Due to its loosly coupled nature, it can be integrated with any Activiti Engine.

The default job executor in Activiti uses a self managed Thread Pool, which is not sufficient when running Activiti on JEE compliant application servers. Also the hard coupling between process engine and job acquisition does not fit well into enterprise scenarios. This project provides solution for both issues, and fill the gap between Activiti and JEE servers.

The Job Executor EE is licensed under Apache License 2.0 and available on github.

In case you want to give us feedback, you can reach us here in the forum or by using the mailing list in the Community Center.

### Scope of the Activiti Job Executor EE Project ###
  1. Decouple Job Acquisition from Process Engines
    1. Configure Acquition Workers
      • maxJobsPerAcquisition
      • lockTimeInMillis
      • waitTimeInMillis
    2. Assign Process Engines to Acquisition Workers (Multiple Engines can be assigned to one acquisition worker)
  2. Job Executor EE implementation using the Java Connector Architecture (JCA)
    1. JEE 1.5 and 1.6 compliant.
    2. Obtain threads from standard Work Manager provided by Application Servers.
    3. Dispatch job execution to Message Driven Bean for entering the JEE container (synchronous invocation, no JMS).
    4. Use default Job Execution Command from Activiti.
  3. Integrated Test Suite (ITS) showing how to use it.

### Out of Scope ###
  • Dedicated mechanism to execute asynchronous work within application context. (A custom classloader in Activiti could take care of that)
  • Dedicated mechanism to deploy web- or enterprise-applications. (You could register the application classloader upon deployment of an application)
Have fun.