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multi UserTask

Question asked by nirvana on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2013 by trademak

Please find the attached BPMN file.

I have three UserTasks

userTask1 has  –> name, experience, email - variables
userTask2 has  –> name, javaExperience, email - variables
userTask3 has  –> name, j2eeExperience, email - variables

when I'm starting the process , my guess ,

able to view 3 fields of userTask1 , this should take me forward to userTask2 and then userTask3.

But in UI I see these 3 fields with complete task and reset form buttons.when I click on complete task it is not taking me to userTask2 and userTask3. its just completing the process.

To test the flow I've added the ServiceTask's before each userTask with logs. I'm able to see all the logs from all the ServiceTasks.

how should I control the flow to proceed to UserTask2 and UserTask3 forms with the existing flow.

Thanks in advance.