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Interoperability between Bonita and Activiti Designer

Question asked by michaeljaaka on Aug 21, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by michaeljaaka

I have a business client which prepares its processes in Bonita Designer. Now I'm trying to import them to Activiti Designer. However its not possible due to two issues I have tracked down.

First is that when there are defined participants which are not used later in process nor BPMNDiagram, the Activiti Designer doesn't not show diagram/shows NullPointerException.
Second is that the first BPMNShape refers to process in bpmnElement attribute, however Activiti Designer expects reference to participant. However it is possible to track down participant, because expected participant has always defined processRef attribute with the same value in BPMNShape, so it can be related.

Those two bugs are simple to fix in Designer and it would increase the interoperability between different enterprises.
I have attached "bad" processes (directly exported from Bonita Designer) and one "corrected" by hand which is accepted by Activiti Desinger.

The last question is. Where can I get newest version of Acitivti Designer?
The official tutorial shows me a link to the Activiti Designer 5.12 on Eclipse Indigo.

Thanks in advance and bye!