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Eclipse Activiti Designer plug-in issue

Question asked by kyphi on Aug 21, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by kyphi

I have a question about the Eclipse Activiti bpmn designer which kind of relates to issue ACT-1745. Do you have any plans anytime soon to improve the designer and fix the issue ACT-1745? I find it hard to understand why this is not higher priority on your list…

The issue I am talking about is the designer does not use the standard BPMN2 symbols. For example, the intermediate message event, the intermediate signal event or intermediate timer event use single circle instead of double circle. And there is more… When I showed a diagram created with Activiti designer to someone using BPMN2 as well, he told me I should start learning the BPMN2 basics. Why did he say that? Because he did not expect to see single circled events where only intermediate events are allowed. I had to explain to him that the diagram uses non-standard symbols here and there. I find this situation similar to the case where someone wants to use metaphors and other figures of speech, but they lack proper English writing. I think it's simply basic to use correct symbols. Otherwise, it's like calling Tom by James' name and wonder why Tom isn't reacting… I hope I'm not calling Tijs by the wrong name :)

Please, think of this.

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