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Timer Boundary Even - How does it work?

Question asked by ergates on Aug 28, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by ergates
We have a Receive Task that waits for a signal.  There is a listener that triggers when a JMS message arrives and signals the Receive Task.

This works fine.

However we would like to add a timer to the Receive Task in case the JMS listener never triggers.

So we added a Timer Boundary Even on the Receive Task.  The timer waits for 10 seconds and then triggers.
This works as well.

Now to the problem.  When the timer is active on the task, if the task receives the signal, in other words the expected behavior, the timer seems to not be stopped.  So when the process continues the timer activates and interrupts the flow.  This seems counterproductive.

Is this the expected behavior?  If so, how are we expected to model the behavior we need?

We are on version 5.13 using Oracle for our database.