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Getting exception while Retreving the history identityLinks

Question asked by sai576 on Aug 28, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by trademak
I am getting Null Pointer Exception while trying to retreving the history identityLinks in the following way.

HistoricIdentityLinkEntityManager historicIdentityLinkEntityManager=new HistoricIdentityLinkEntityManager();
List<HistoricIdentityLinkEntity> identityLinks=historicIdentityLinkEntityManager.
                                                                                  findHistoricIdentityLinksByTaskId(taskId);//Getting NullPointer Exception

for (HistoricIdentityLinkEntity identityLink: identityLinks)
      List<Group> groups = identityService.createGroupQuery().groupId(identityLink.getGroupId()).list();
   for(Group group : groups)

Whatever i am passing taskId that is present in table.I checked that one also.If anything mistake in my code tell me where did i mistaken.

Thanks &Regards
Sai Kumar R