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Parent process stuck at callActivity even though sub-process has ended

Question asked by jugglingcats on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2013 by jugglingcats
Hi, I can produce a unit test of this if necessary but will take me a little while to extract from my project and hopefully this is something simple I'm doing wrong.

I have a parent process and sub-process (as a standalone process). The sub-process is successfully called and executes to completion (process query returns null for the sub-process id).

I am expecting the parent process to proceed beyond the callActivity element at this point, following the sequenceFlow (there is only one) to the next activity. But this is not happening! Calling getActivityIds on the parent process returns the id of the callActivity element.

I am careful not to re-cycle the ProcessInstance so don't think I'm seeing a snapshot of the parent process.

Any help appreciated.
Thanks, Alfie.