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H2 standalone database difficulties

Question asked by waao on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2013 by ambharath
Hi guys,

I'm a newbie about Activiti and BPMN things but i want to learn. I began 4 days ago, step by step I'd been able to work a little bit with Activiti in java code. Then i manage to integrate Activiti to Spring in a web app.

Now I want to set up my web app and the Activiti Explorer on the same DB and that's the problem.
I read the Activiti Explorer default config is an in memory H2 database, i got it, ok. So I've to set up a H2 standalone database !

How am i supposed to do ? And how do I config the Activiti Explorer to work with my H2 DB ?

I've to say that i've been trying since the morning, i followed H2 quickstart recommendation but it seems not work, i read the chapter in Activiti in Action but nothing is really explain about this point.

Could anyone help me to fix that ?
Thanks !


PS : Sorry for my average english, frenchi' are not so good ! :D.