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Exposing the Activiti engine through REST in OSGi container Virgo

Question asked by dimitrihautot on Sep 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by trademak
Hello community,

This is my first post on the developers forum, let me briefly introduce myself.

I am a (Belgian) Java developer for more than 10 years, having worked in 3 IT services companies.
I keep an eye on OSGi for years, without a chance to use it at work…

… until recently! Indeed, for my current mission, I am developing a proof-of-concept project where the Activiti engine would only be accessible through REST API, and running inside an OSGi container.

The rewritten REST API that appeared in release 5.13 is great news!

However, even if the Activiti engine itself can be used as a valid OSGi bundle, this is neither the case of the activiti-rest-5.13.jar , nor of some other, dependent Activiti Jar files.
So I keep fetching the sources from GitHub and I patch the various pom.xml files locally.
Once I get something stable and clean, I will create a pull request.

So far I have been able to generate valid OSGi bundle headers for several modules: activiti-bpmn-layout, activiti-common-rest, activiti-json-converter, activiti-rest and activiti-simple-workflow.

I try to package my POC application as an Eclipse Virgo plan file.
The first big issue I just encountered is the fact that modules activiti-common-rest and activiti-rest share the same package,
. This is explicitly forbidden for Virgo plan files. I will create a JIRA ticket for that issue.

The aim of this post is just to introduce the work I am currently performing, see if there are other persons interested, share experience, receive guidance, …

If this message inspire you some thought, please share it with me! :-)