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Help with activiti-camel please!!!

Question asked by rodiaz on Sep 6, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2013 by trademak
Hi all,

We are using Activiti embedeed in our application and we have our own CamelContext. The configuration of the engine in the application is StandaloneProcessEngineConfiguration, this is without spring. We add the routes programatically to our CamelContext and this works to starting process without problems. But we have problems for sending.. Service tasks of type camel in its CamelBehavior need spring configuration of the engine to getting the CamelContext. If we implement our own CamelBehavior there is a way to get the CamelContext from Activiti??We use setDefaultCamelConext of the ProcessEngineConfiguration setting myCamelContext.getName() but this is useless, I think that this only works for another bean's name of the CamelContext in a spring configuration.

Besides, we think that activiti-camel never lets signaling more than one instance of a same process when receives from camel. If I have two o more instances of a same process waiting a message from camel what happens?

Thanks very much in advanced