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How to get access to source BpmnError in error start event subprocess?

Question asked by lehvolk on Sep 11, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2013 by lehvolk
I have a process whick called many times in a loop. If during execution some error occured I want to add a message into report. I try to make sub-process with error start event such this:

<subProcess id="error-handling" name="error-handling" triggeredByEvent="true">
   <startEvent id="start-error-event" name="start error event">
      <errorEventDefinition />
   <serviceTask id="add-error" name="add error to report"  activiti:expression="${reports.addError(….)}"></serviceTask>

But inside of this sub-process I couldn't find any way to access the source exception (BpmnError or other). Does anybody know any standard way to do this or any workaround?