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dynamic number of user tasks with accept/reject features

Question asked by chimu on Sep 16, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2013 by trademak
We have a workflow requirement in which we have dynamic number of Roles(approvers) based on client location where we deploy this app,  so we defined a User Task as a multi-instance so that we can run a loop for number of approvers(configured at deployment time).  Lets say for a given workflow we dynamically defined 4 levels of approvals(serially) in the order below

Role_1 –> Role_2 –> Role_3 –> Role_4

So our multi-instance task will run a for-loop 4 times, I have some questions below

Q1) If any one approver(other than Role_1) Rejects then control should go back to previous Approver for data correction and re-approval and continue further in  same sequence defined above. Does multi-instance task supports this functionality ??. If not then what are the workarounds ??

Q2) If any user under Role_2 is working on task and he is also a member of Role_3 then we want Activiti to skip the Role_3 and and jump to Role_4. And if he is  also a member of Role_4 then that should be skipped too. Is that doable using multi-instance tasks and/or using some workarounds.