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Async send receive tasks

Question asked by ghollins on Sep 27, 2013
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I read the post at:

This is a great post, and I was able to figure this out and implement it. We are evaluating jBPM and Activiti as potential solutions right now. I really like Activiti, but in this "true parallelism" case there seems to be the need for extra receive nodes (e.g. the "Wait for response" nodes). In jBPM I'm able to avoid creating two nodes for each asynchronous task, by implementing a class that implements WorkItemHandler, and starting my own thread in a WorkItemExecuter. The resulting BPM diagram looks a lot cleaner (has half the amount of nodes).

Is there a possible way in Activiti to do sort of the same thing – where there is only the need for one node?

Basically I want the ability to "release" the token on one of the parallel paths, so that the other parallel path can get executed.  Meanwhile on other threads or servers, work is being executed.  When the work is done, essentially a callback asynchronously would continue the flow.  In jBPM I was able to accomplish the callback by using the "WorkItemManager.completeWorkItem" method.