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Passing variables REST API

Question asked by adgonzal on Oct 1, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2013 by krull80
I'm trying to pass variables to the process when I create an instance via REST API but Im getting an error.

My process BPMN has declared this section:
<startEvent id="startevent2" name="Start" activiti:initiator="initiator">
        <activiti:formProperty id="approver" name="Approver" type="user" required="true" />
        <activiti:formProperty id="duedate" name="Approval due date" datePattern="dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm" type="date"  />
        <activiti:formProperty id="invoiceNumber" name="Invoice Number" type="string" required="true"/>
   <activiti:formProperty id="invoiceAmount" name="Invoice Amount" type="long" />
   <activiti:formProperty id="supplierName" name="Supplier Name"    type="string" />
   <activiti:formProperty id="supplierNif" name="Supplier Nif"    type="string" />
   <activiti:formProperty id="supplierId"    name="Supplier ID"    type="string" />
   <activiti:formProperty id="companyName" name="Supplier Name"    type="string" />
   <activiti:formProperty id="companyNif" name="Supplier Nif"    type="string" />
   <activiti:formProperty id="companyId"    name="Supplier ID"    type="string" />

and I send a JSON request qith these values:

  "variables": [

I think is not possible to assign form properties passing variables but….
How can I declare variables for the process?

The Rest API throws an Jackson UnrecognizedPropertyException; Unrecognized field "invoiceNumber"

Thanks in advance