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activiti:formHandlerClass gets removed by Activiti Designer

Question asked by vikciux on Oct 3, 2013
It seems Activiti Designer removes attributes, that it does not support. In my case I add activiti:formHandlerClass attribute to userTask, but if I then edit such file with Activiti Designer, the activiti:formHandlerClass gets removed.

So this basically mean, that I can not use Activiti Designer for such files. Here is an example of such task:

<userTask id="fillOut" name="Fill out document" activiti:assignee="${my_assignee}" activiti:dueDate="${bpm_workflowDueDate}" activiti:formKey="${my_fillOutDocumentTaskType}" activiti:priority="${bpm_workflowPriority}" activiti:formHandlerClass="my.ResolvingTaskFormHandler">

Other than that, this is a great tool. Thanks for all your work!