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Activiti REST Api Complect Variables not shown

Question asked by krull80 on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by krull80
Hello All,

First of all, thanks for your product and the work done (I really like the REST approach). I have been working in your product in the last couple of days as I need to prepare a PoC. One of the tests I'm doing is the integration of mule-activiti, in this test I'm starting a process instance where I pass form properties + variables. Form properties are stored and I can see them in Activiti-explorer, but when I pass complex process variables they are not stored in the table act_ru_variable. I can see the column type=null and no value in text2 or text1

you can try this sample (sample deployment included in activiti):

         "value":"This is a variable",

Did I make a mistake sending the request? Do I need to check a different table?

Thanks in advance